Invitro Fertilization with Egg Donor services

MCFC provides in vitro fertilization using an egg donor. Please contact our Dearborn or Clinton Township office if you need additional information regarding our in vitro fertilization(IVF) egg donor program. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Michigan Comprehensive Fertility Center is now affiliated with My Egg Bank.
Please contact My Egg Bank @ or 1.866.537.2576


Artificial Insemination using Donor Sperm

MCFC also provides artificial insemination using donor sperm. The cost is $400.00 per insemination. This price does not include the cost of the donor sperm and depending on the bank you order sperm from will determine the price of each specimen.

During your appointment, our staff will be happy to provide you with information and the names of the sperm banks that we recommend.